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Uses of SearchConf in

Methods in with parameters of type SearchConf
 EntityResult[] EntitySearch.getAnyEntityByKeyword(java.lang.String kw, SearchConf conf)
          return a list of entities in any ontology
 EntityResult[] EntitySearch.getEntitiesByKeyword(java.lang.String onto, java.lang.String kw, SearchConf conf)
          Returns a list of entities martching the search criteria.
 EntityResult[] EntitySearch.getEntitiesByStructuredQuery(java.lang.String s, java.lang.String p, java.lang.String o, SearchConf conf)
          undocumented function...
 int SemanticContentSearch.getNumberOfResults(java.lang.String[] keywords, SearchConf conf)
          return the number of results mathcing the search parameters
 SemanticContentResult[] SemanticContentSearch.getSemanticContentByKeywords(java.lang.String[] keywords, SearchConf conf)
          returns a list of semantic content results matching the parameters of the search
 SemanticContentResult[] SemanticContentSearch.getSemanticContentWithBestCoverage(java.lang.String[] keywords, SearchConf conf)
          Semantic document search function that returns documents that not necessaraly match all the keywords.