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The Watson SOAP Web services and API: Watson deploys a set of Web services and a Java client API for these services, allowing to programmatically access the content it collects and the features it provides. The following page lists the resources to be downloaded and the available documentation for using these elements in applications: The Watson Web services and API
The Watson REST API: As an alternative to the SOAP API, Watson also deploys a set of services simply accessible through HTTP, formating the results either in plain text, XML or JSON so that they can be exploited easily in many different languages, for example to build lightweight applications in Javascript. See the Watson REST API documentation page for information on how to use it.
Watson Ontology editors plugins: Plugins for the Protege ontology editor and the NeOn toolkit. Allows ontology developers to easily find, integrate and reuse knowledge available online into their own ontologies. See the description and download page.

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At the developers' Track of WWW 2008 - 23/04/2008: Very quick overview of Watson's motivations, architecture and interface, followed by a presentation of the API and of the way to build next generation Semantic Web applications with it. Based on a complete and concrete example (the wahoo application).

For a Semantic Web class of the University of Utrecht - 27/02/2008: General presentation of the idea of next generation semantic web applications, of watson and of applications based on Watson developed at KMi (PowerMagpie, PowerAqua, Scarlet, etc.) Presented remotely using flashmeeting and GoToMeeting to a Semantic Web class in Utrecht.

At the NeOn Meeting in Bled Slovenia - 22/02/2008: Brief presentation of Watson and of the NeOn toolkit plugin relying on Watson.

At the SWIG UK event, HP Labs, Bristol - 23/11/2007: A presentation of the general idea of next generation semantic web applications, of Watson as an infrastructure for these applications, and of the applications we are actually building using Watson (with a clear focus on PowerAqua and PowerMagpie, but also mentioning folksonomy enrichment, Scarlet, the Protege plugin...).

At the EON workshop, ISWC 2007 - 11/11/2007: The presentation of the paper at the EON workshop at ISWC 2007, about the analysis of the semantic documents collected by Watson to characterize the knolwedge published on the Semantic Web.

At the NeOn plenary meeting in Siguenza, Spain - 10/10/2007: Description of the motivations, design and architecture of Watson, together with demos focusing on the development of next generation Semantic Web applications, in particular the Protege and NeOn toolkit plugins for knowledge reuse in ontology design. During a plenary meeting of the NeOn project.

At the IADIS WWW/Internet conference - 08/10/2007: Presentation of the paper at the IADIS WWW/Internet conference. Overview of the architecture, activities and applications of Watson.

At the Worshop LT4eL in Pargue - 24/06/2007: General description of Watson (architecture, interface) and of some of the applications in development in KMi, in the context of a Workshop entitled "What can Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web technologies do for eLearning?" organized by the LT4eL project.

At the poster session of ESWC 2007 - 04/06/2007: Overview of Watson (architecture, interface, design principles, first results).

At the Meeting of the Oxford Semantic Web Interest Group (SWIG) - 12/03/2007: A general presentation of the NeOn project, focusing on current developments in KMi, including elements about Watson and about applications relying on Watson.