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Web Services
Watson deploys three Web services using the SOAP protocol to allow developers to programmatically access the semantic content (semantic data, ontologies) it collects, and to exploit the features it provides. These Web services, together with the associated API (see below), are meant to be the basis for the developement of lightweight semantic web application that exploit online knowledge. The two first web services are dedicated to providing simple elements of information either on semantic documents (OntologySearch) or semantic entities (EntitySearch). The last one (WatsonSearch) provides a unique access point to most of the information that can be retrieved from Watson: one call to one function allows to retrieve all the semantic documents, the entities and the corresponding metadata from a set of keywords.
OntologySearch: OntologySearch contains methods for the search, selection, retrieval, and information on semantic documents (ontologies, RDF documents). [WSDL]
EntitySearch: EntitySearch contains methods for the search, selection, retrieval, and information on semantic entitiess (classes, properties, indviduals). [WSDL]
WatsonSearch: WatsonSearch contains only on method that takes a set of keywords and several parameters and return a complex structure containing information about both semantic documents and entities. [WSDL]
Java client API: An API for developping clients of the Watson Web services in Java. Generated using WSDL2Java. Contains examples. [JAR]

Help and Documentation

Technical questions about the use of the Watson API and services, bug reports and comments can be sent to the Watson mailing list, or using the Bug Tracker (please chose the Watson project first). Whether you are using the client API or the Web sevices directly, the javadoc generated from the implementation of the services is a useful source of information about the implemented functions. [HTML]

In addition, below are a set of examples of usage of the client API in java. Each show how to call the different functions implemented in each of the services.
  • OntologySearch usage example. [JAVA]
  • EntitySearch usage example. [JAVA]
  • WatsonSearch usage example. [JAVA]